Visions of Marley

Own a Part of Music History

• limited edition prints
• numbered & signed by photographer
• available in b/w or sepia
• 23" x 23" on stretched canvas

These entrancing images of Bob Marley are part of a legendary collection, perhaps the final photo session of this complex and dynamic artist.

Thought to be lost forever, these never before seen, breathtaking portraits were recently rediscovered, providing an intimate and emotive vision of the Rasta prophet.This session is a priceless portrayal of this largely undocumented period of Marley’s enigmatic journey.

Frame after enchanting frame of this historic spliff torching session reveal the depth of Marley’s pain, joy, complexity and candor. Behold the wise man; tortured soul; reflective artist; preacher of peace; gifted genius.
These priceless, archival scenes are an invitation into Marley’s private moments.

Captured by premiere rock photographer, Glen La Ferman, the legendary images of this rare session have captured the interest of collectors, fetching significant bids in galleries and auction houses. Now, for a limited time only, a special online price has been authorized by the photographer.

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Don’t miss this unique opportunity to own an historic piece of the life and legend of Bob Marley.